Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birth Gemstones Piedras preciosas por mes de nacimiento

Here are the different gemstones by birth months and names of stones

Estas son las diferentes piedras preciosas para su respectivo mes y sus nombres.

Traditional Birthstone Calendar
Month Cabochon Faceted Stone
January  Garnet  Garnet
February  Amethyst  Amethyst
March  Bloodstone  Aquamarine
April  Pearl or mother-of-pearl  Diamond
May  Green onyx Emerald
June Moonstone or pearl Alexandrite
July Jasper  Ruby
August  Carnelian  Peridot
September  Lapis lazuli Blue sapphire
October  Opal  Tourmaline (pink)
November  Citrine Citrine or topaz (golden)
December  Turquoise Zircon or tourmaline (blue


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